What is the Best Month to Sell a House?

There are so many factors to consider before selling a house it’s very important to know what time will be the best to sell a house. Each season will vary and it changes the attitude of buyers, sellers, and the market. Research the best time to sell and earn profits.

Let’s get started!

Spring- The Winner

Spring wins the title of “best month to sell a house” because this time of year will have the hot sale. Actually, the first two weeks of May will be the best for selling the house at higher prices. April and June come the next so spring is a great time for selling a house.


Tax refunds will come in late winter so you can make more funds for renovations and upgrades.

Due to warm weather and long days, the home buyers will spend more time house hunting.

Curb appeal will be at its best as trees, flowers will bloom.


Competition is too heavy, so if your home is imperfect, it may be a harder sell

If your weather is rainy, muddy, or snowy this might not be the best season to sell.


Summer comes next to spring. The month of June is at the top for home selling. Summer has higher competition for sales.


More daylight hours and predictable weather will allow the buyers to hunt houses for a long time.

Buyers will show interest to get their school-aged kids settled

Buyers make more competitive offers and move faster to close.


Weather in some areas can be very hot thus it’s not favorable for house hunting

Professionals like real estate agents, contractors, and landscapers might be busy this month so selling can be harder.


This is not the best time to sell your house, some areas can be hot in late April whereas other areas can be cold all summer but warm in the fall. Buyers will demand more if your home is less competitive, and the market will go down as the school starts. Curb appeal will disappear.


Most people will not think to sell their homes during winter because it’s the hardest time to sell a house in maximum areas. Curb appeal will be worst, days are shorter so buyers won’t show interest in house hunting.